IronCraft Donations!



- Benefits of Donating? -


Helping the server!


Your own personal gain on the server with more items/kits/protection/etc.


Special access to certain things in the future!


Early access to commands - With VIP!


Even more stuff!


Caution: You can't make a refund after donating!



IronCraft is a 100% free-to-play Minecraft server. Donations are completely optional. Most donations will guarantee you certain special benefits over other users, including a special nameplate, and/or early access to certain things. By donating to IronCraft, you agree to that a repayment of your donation will not be made under any circumstances. IronCraft and IronCraft Staff are not responsible for chargebacks, doing so will result in a suspension or ban on your account, and a reposession of any items that you donated for with said chargedback monies.